Wild Reality Café is run by writers for writers, and our first aim is to give new and upcoming talent a free no-strings showcase as an early step in their development. Each month we aim to feature short samples of work by up to five new names. We are non-profit and don't charge an entrance fee. The only criterion is that you are a new writer looking for an audience. As writers ourselves we understand the frustrations and pain of getting started, and are hoping to make this a small way of getting through those awful stages. So, this is no one's power trip. If you submit you will be treated with courtesy and respect and where possible we'll respond to you about your work, or put you in touch with other people who might offer advice and help.

We accept poetry, short stories, and extracts from longer works (novels, plays, screenplays, etc), with a limit of 2000 words, and of two submissions per person per month. Everything will be read.