Our primary aim is to offer support for new writers, so we have to set a limit on who is eligible to submit to us.

  • We define 'new writer' as someone who has had fewer than five short stories published in magazines or anthologies, and no more than one novel or work of non-fiction published by a mainstream publisher, or whose play or screenplay has yet to receive prooduction or performance by a professional producer or producing venue.
  • We accept poetry, short stories, and extracts from longer works (novels, plays, screenplays, etc), with a limit of 2000 words, and of two submissions per person per month.
  • Submissions should be under your real name, and be accompanied by a short biography of no more than 300 words.
  • If we publish your work on our site this does not in any way infringe on your personal copyright, and you have the right to ask us to remove any item at any time.
  • In line with the co-operative spirit of this venture, we are asking those who have work published by us to carry a linkback to this site where possible, to help ensure a growing audience for future work. However this is not in anyway a condition of acceptance and anyone is free to ignore this request if they so wish.