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....if you are looking for unique signature web design we'll enjoy working with you....

Bespoke Websites

Graphic Design

Wordpress Themes

welcome to Wild Reality Design...

We are hands-on coders and graphic designers. We DON'T use WYSIWYG editors, corner-cuts or conveyor-belt production. We DO hand-code, cross-browser test and provide mobile & tablet compatibility as standard. We know people want a website to reflect their personality and USP and we make achieving this our primary focus.

bespoke web design

if you choose this option your entire site will be custom built to your specification...

handcoding & unique design

Mobile & Tablet compatibility

e-Commerce & marketing

logo & branding

Search Engine Optimisation

site upload & maintenance

Wordpress customisation

from a bespoke logo to a complete new theme - we can help you build the Wordpress site you want.

artwork for
your blog

We create a bespoke logo, banner or other graphics optimised for your chosen theme

fonts &
color scheme

We help you select the font and color schemes best suited to your look.


We adapt any theme to your specific needs, or build you a new one from scratch.


Our templates are all hand-coded in house. You can either take one off the peg or ask us to develop it for you. It's quicker and more affordable than a completely bespoke build.

some of our most popular templates

about us

Wild Reality is a small company based in Somerset in the UK, near the beautiful Blackdown Hills. Clients choose us for our emphasis on bespoke design and our hands-on and support-based approach. We like to form a lasting relationship with the people we work with and to help their projects develop over weeks, months or years. If you'd like us to work with you email us at the link below...

to get a quote or ask about our services email us.... enquiries@wild-reality.net We're looking forward to hearing from you